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Solar Water Garden Pump

If you use a solar water garden pump, you can avoid one of those annoying features of using electrical equipment in the garden - having to provide a power supply. And there is the added benefit that the solar power is free provided courtesy of the sun. You will also, in your own small way, be cutting down on your use of the public power supply and so be acting in an environmentally friendly manner.  This kind of practice, along with mini digger hire and other tool rental services, can help you protect the environment by reducing consumption.

A solar water garden pump can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. Probably the most popular use is to power a fountain. Here you have a number of choices. At the bottom of the range are small self-contained floating fountains with a built-in solar panel. One model can create a fountain of water up to seventeen inches high in bright sunlight. It comes with three nozzles for different fountain effects.

The larger models have a separate solar panel and pump. Using a five watt solar panel it is possible to produce a jet of water up to a height of nearly four feet. Here again a selection of nozzles allows you to select the type of display that you want your fountain to provide.

At the other end of the scale you can buy a twenty watt solar panel which provides sufficient power to pump at the rate of eight gallons per minute at a lift of four feet. This would be powerful enough supply a small waterfall feature.

By its very nature a solar water garden pump will not operate when there is no sun. To overcome this problem there are fountain kits that include a battery pack. These are designed in such a way so that whenever there is insufficient sunlight, the batteries take over to power the fountain.

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