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For Green Fingered Friends

The choice of a gardening gift can sometimes prove difficult so we have made a few suggestions in the hope that these may solve your problem. If you have read our Garden Decor page you will have been introduced to all sorts of products that would make an ideal gardening gift such as plant containers, windchimes or even a specialty gnome! Garden art by a local artist could also be a good choice. On a more practical note garden tools are a safe bet. For a gardenener who watches the weather (and who doesn't?) there is a Home Weather Station.

If you prefer a living gift, then how about a shrub or even a tree to mark a special event? House plants make good gifts as do annuals and perennials. Perhaps a rose bush would be an idea. Minature Bonsai trees are another possibility.

If none of the above appeals to you and something more personal is what you seek, then you could make up an individual gift basket. Garden tools are always welcome so you could prepare a basket containing gardening gloves, small tools such as a trowel, fork and pruner with some plant markers or similar sundries. Another suggestion could be a basket with gardener's soap, hand cream with maybe a nail kit included. You could also add a scented candle and herbal bath salts to aid relaxation after a hard day in the garden.

Most gardeners love gardening books. Whether they are of the factual "How to" variety or more of a coffee table picture book they will provide tips and inspiration particularly through the dark days of winter. A subscription to a gardening magazine would be welcomed with its regular editions each week or month. A gardening journal makes a good present and, as the planting records are added, will become an essential resource for its owner.

The ultimate in personal gardening gifts is the one you make yourself. Save some seeds from a favourite plant and stow them in a homemade seed packet. Give rooted cuttings or divided plants from your garden. Make a potpourris using dried flowers from your yard.

Here are some more suggestions for gardening gifts but if all else fails there is always a Gift Cardicon.