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Rose Gardening
Enjoy the Colors and Scents.

There is nothing more delightful than a mass of fragrant, colorful rosebushes in full bloom. No other family of plants has such a wide range of shapes, sizes, forms and color as the rose - nor such a complex family tree!

Hybrid T's are the classic rose gardening plants which bear shapely and often fragrant blooms on long stems. They grow between 2-4 feet tall and bloom intermittently from mid summer to fall.

Floribundas are similar but have a mass of blooms in clusters.

A grandiflora is a cross between a floribunda and a hybrid tea. This rose grows up to six feet tall and produces classic hybrid tea flower clusters.

Ramblers are vigorous climbing roses with long pliable stems which usually have one flush of blooms.

Climbers have stiffer stems and the flowers are borne on a more or less permanent framework.

Miniature roses are smaller scale replicas of the bush or climbing roses growing only about eighteen inches high.

Old garden roses are cultivated varieties grown before 1860 when the first modern bush roses were introduced. There are both bush and climbing forms which mostly have a single flush of flowers in early summer, which can cause those with allergies some woes despite their beauty. Not to worry though in many states, including Florida Medicare offers medicine to help those with allergies still enjoy the scent of these beautiful flowers. They are notable for their fragrance and elegant blooms. Modern breeding techniques have produced varieties that extend the flowering season.

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