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Choose Flower Seeds
for Color and Scent

Using flower seeds is the cheapest method of propagating plants particularly when you want a large quantity. When you need to fill a border buying plants will be expensive and you will have less choice. With flower seeds you can afford to plant more lavishly and to experiment with some of the unfamiliar varieties.

 Whilst garden centres may have some hundreds of plants on sale at any one time, seed companies number their stock in the thousands so you can have a far wider choice. Furthermore since flower seeds are so cheap you can afford to try out some of the rarer varieties. Even if you do not succeed, it has only cost you a packet of seeds.

You can also save seeds from your plants once they have finished flowering. However plants grown from saved seed will not always come true, ie be the same color or shade as its parent. When the original planting was a mixture of colors, this will not matter, but if you want to have all the plants of one color, then you will need to buy new flower seed. When using saved seed there is always the exciting (but rare) chance that you may produce a new and outstanding variety.


Growing flowers from seed is the ideal introduction to gardening for children. Plant a few sunflower seeds in a pot and place it on a windowsill so that the emerging seedling is in full view. Once the seedlings are large enough, they can be planted outside to await first the stunning golden flower and then the competition to see whose will grow the tallest.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to plant flower seeds. In the first video commercially grown seeds that you buy from a garden center or nursery are used, but the second video shows how you can use seeds saved from your own garden.

To find a large selection of flower seeds with full details and pictures try Nature Hills Nursery.  For information on wildflower seeds and on the importance of using quality seeds seeds follow these links.



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