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Here is your guide to garden decor where we bring you the best from the web. Whatever the size or shape of your yard or garden there are garden accessories and ornaments to complement your flowers and shrubs. No garden is complete without garden ornaments to make it unique and your own special place. On this page we give you a brief overview of the possibilities. Just follow the links for more details.

Arbors, trellises, pergolas, obelisks and pavilions. Use to create a focal point or cover with a climbing plant to block an unwanted view.

Planters come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic urn to the humble flower pot. Use to decorate your patio or deck, moving your containers as the different plants come into flower.

Statues will add a touch of grace and style or even humour depending upon your choice. Whatever the mood, it will be a guaranteed conversation piece.

Fountains. The sight and sound of running water provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and forget your cares.

Birdhouses, birdfeeders, birdbaths and hummingbird feeders to attract our feathered friends. To encourage other creatures there are houses for bats, butterflies and even toads.

Garden Ornaments of all sorts are here. For decoration there are bells, buckboards, gargoyles, gazing balls, garden gnomes, haywagons, lighthouses, peekers, stepping stones, sundials, swings, wall plaques, whirligigs, windchimes and wishing wells. Of more practical use are rainguages and thermometers.

Outdoor lighting can provide a different focus after dark. If you have a stream you will need a bridge to cross it.

While Online Discount Mart has a large selection of garden decor supplies, other specialist merchants are listed on the pages you can reach from the links above.

Garden Ornaments If your garden is your paradise and the best place to relax and meditate - long hours of hard work weeding, potting, use of garden ornaments and accessories and planting turn into a place where peace reigns supreme.

Keeping up with a garden is very time consuming, artificial turf will still create a beautiful setting that is also low maintenance.