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Flower Bulbs for easy growing

Flower bulbs can provide reliable all year round interest with relatively little work. From the first snowdrops and croci of early spring to the nerine lilies and the hardy cyclamen which can supply a flash of late color until beyond the first frosts of winter, flower bulbs can be relied upon to brighten up your garden.

In summer there are the many varieties of flowering allium and the spectacular iris family. Many bulbs are hardy and can be left in the ground from year to year to grow and multiply. Suitable places where they will be undisturbed include grassy areas, at the base of trees or shrubs and uncultivated parts of borders or rock gardens. Where bulbs are planted in grass, mowing should be delayed for six weeks after flowering to allow time for the foliage to decay naturally.

When buying flower bulbs it is important to ensure that you are getting a quality product from a reliable company. Holland is the world's oldest and largest producer of flower bulbs and Dutch farmers have been growing bulbs since the 1500s. One company that obtains its stock from the Dutch bulbfields is Dutch Gardens They have a large selection of bulbs and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For planting information and growing tips, click this link. On the next page we tell you which bulbs can be grown indoors and how to get the best from them. Further details on tulips can be found here. The daffodil, iris and lily are discussed here.