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Correct Daffodil Care
Ensures Great Daffodil Pictures

Learn correct daffodil care and your daffodil pictures will welcome spring year after year. A sea of golden yellow blooms lights up the landscape on a dull grey day. To ensure a great display there are a few simple rules you need to follow.

Daffodils will grow in most types of soil, preferably slightly alkaline, but good drainage is important. Bulbs should not be allowed to dry out so the addition of some organic material is helpful. Daffodils will thrive in full sun or slightly dappled shade and so will do well in a border or planted in grass under trees.


With care most daffodils can be grown in containers if they are deep enough to allow the bulbs to be covered to one and a half times their own depth.

Once the daffodil flowers have faded the flower heads should be removed with care and the foliage left to die back naturally. If you have to move daffodils to make room for summer bedding, the rules for replanting flower bulbs are simple. Daffodil bulbs should be lifted with care and with as much soil around the roots as possible and heeled in out of sight in the vegetable garden or a reserve border where the foliage can die back naturally. Replant the bulbs in late August.

The practice of tying the leaves in a knot to make them look tidy is not recommended since the bulb needs the leaves to be fully exposed to sunlight to enable it to replenish its food stocks for the next season's growth.

When daffodil bulbs are naturalised in grass take care not to cut the old foliage until at least four to six weeks after they have flowered.

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Provided you follow these guidelines for daffodil care you should be rewarded with a great spring display of daffodil pictures for many years to come.


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