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Skagit Valley Tulip Bulbs

Skagit Valley tulip bulbs produce the fine blooms that are a feature of the Skagit Valley tulip festival held throughout the month of April each year. The valley is located in Skagit County, Washington State and can be reached by car from exits 221-231 off I-5 which passes right through the valley.

The Skagit Valley’s mild climate, evenly distributed rainfall and fertile farmlands provide an ideal environment for growing tulip bulbs. Bulb growing in the Skagit Valley was started by Mrs. Mary Brown Stewart who began with a few bulbs imported from Holland in 1906. Over time Mrs. Stewart established a mail-order business and sold her bulbs to garden clubs in New England.

When the the federal government placed an embargo on bulb imports in 1926, many bulb growers in Holland began to send family members to the United States to establish bulb farms here. Anthony and Jeannette DeGoede, owners of the Skagit Valley Bulb Farm, have been in the bulb business for 42 years. They left Holland in 1946 and, with the help of other family members still living in Holland, they bring in new and interesting tulip varieties for customers to view for the first time in Skagit Valley.

The skagit valley tulip has white blooms with a rare, stylish violet-blue edging to the petals. It is one of many tulip bulbs grown in the valley but the only bulb that bears its name.

Skagit Valley tulip bulbs can be purchased in the valley and are also available from Dutch Gardens who include tips on planting and cultivation on their site.

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