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Small Garden Fountains

If you want to make your garden extra special choose one of the many designs of small garden fountains.

There is no better way of relaxing after a stressful day than sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to the gentle sound of water gurgling and splashing in the background. The sound of the flowing water helps to mask traffic and other noise and increases the peacefulness of your private space.


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Small Garden Fountains Review

Fountains range from the huge designs you find in public squares and parks to the miniature table top models. All consist of the same basic features, a basin to collect the water, a pump and a spout with either single or multiple jets.

Outdoor fountains for use in the garden come in two basic types, freestanding or wall mounted. There are a huge range of designs of each type to suit all tastes. While a wall fountain will be ideal if you have limited space, a freestanding design will provide a focal point in your garden.

Although all fountains look as though they are made from stone or concrete, some are constructed from fibreglass or plastic resin. These are lighter and easier to handle, but will not normally last as long as those made from stone.

Installing your fountain

Small Garden Fountains

The two requirements for a fountain are a source of water and electricity, so you will need to provide piped water and a power cable to the site of your fountain. Some fountains use solar power for the pump which enables you to dispense with the power lead, but the pump will only operate while the sun is shining.

If you have pets you should think carefully about the type and siting of a fountain. Dogs love water and a ground level basin will be an open invitation for your pet to drink or even to jump right in if it is large enough. This could cause problems because, if the water level falls too far, it could damge the pump.

Maintenance requirements

Small garden fountains do need a small amount of regular maintence, but this is really just a matter of common sense. You will need to clear out any leaves or small twigs that collect in the basin otherwise the pump could become blocked.

Equally it is important to keep the water at the correct level since the pump could be damaged if it runs dry. Fitting a timeswitch so that it will turn on and off at set times automatically is a good way to avoid this problem.

During the winter it is important to protect the fountain from freezing. Stone and concrete models should ideally be stored indoors since if the water in the basin freezes it could cause cracks.

If the fountain has to be left outside during the winter, you should remove the pump and any drain plugs so that water can drain away and so keep the basin dry. As an extra precaution wrap your fountain in an old blanket and then cover with plastic sheet to keep off the rain.

If you follow this simple guidance your fountain will last for many years.


You can add a touch of magic to your garden by installing one of the many small garden fountains available today. Whether it is a freestanding model in the center of your garden or a wallmounted fountain beside your patio you bring that sense of peace and tranquility that comes with the sound of gently flowing water.

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Small Garden Fountains