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Quality seeds make growing
flowers and orchids easy!


Seeds are the most important ingredient in all gardening. Without quality seeds it would be impossible to have a beautiful garden. True seeds vary in size from the dust-like seeds of some orchids to the large seed contained in the coconut. The period of dormancy undergone by many seeds before germination also varies. The seeds may lie dormant for a short period of time before you see growth sprouting above the soil, or they may be dormant for a long time. For some seeds a long dormancy is a result of the extremely hard outer coating of the seeds. Flower seeds, vegetable seeds and garden seeds all germinate very quickly and are therefore perfect for home use.

When your ready to start choosing your seeds here’s an important point to keep in mind; You can greatly increase your odds for having a great gardening year by buying from a seed company that's involved in continuous trial programs. In other words, they are always on the look out for better and better seeds. Remember, whether its grass seeds, tomato seeds or flax seed, the plant will only be as good as the original seed.

Quality soil rich in nutrients will help insure that the seeds you planted will reach their full potential. Of course an attentive, caring gardener such as yourself will provide that little extra ingredient that will insure the seeds you plant will experience beautiful growth.

We’ve searched all over the web and have selected some quality merchants that we believe provide great seeds so you can plant and garden with full confidence that your efforts will be rewarded. Take your time to look around and decide what it is you want to grow and I think you’ll find only the best seeds available from here. Gardening is a rewarding hobby for anyone and producing beautiful flowers and plants from healthy seeds will greatly enrich your experience.


About the author:

Mike Yeager