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Before you buy aquatic plants you need to know something about the different types that are available. In the center of your pond you can plant water lilies and oxygenators which need deep water. Here you can also grow the floating plants such as the water hyacinth. On the shelf at the edges of your pond you can grow the marginal plants that prefer a planting depth of about a foot. Bog plants can be grown outside your pond provided that the soil is always wet.

The rule of thumb for deciding how many plants to grow in your pond is two oxygenators, one water lily and one marginal to each square metre of water surface. The oxygenators remain submerged but provide oxygen and are essential to help to control the growth of algae in the water. There are several varieties of oxygenators but, since some can become rather invasive, you are advised to consult you local water garden as to the best type for your locality.

Water lilies are available in many different colors. When choosing water lilies color is probably the most important factor although size, scent and water depth are other characteristics of these plants. The most popular varieties are Carnea (pink water lilies) and Alba (white water lilies). Do make sure that at least 1/3 of the water surface is left uncovered. Water lilies can be very vigorous growers.

When considering marginal plants you have a wide choice. The Marsh Marigold, Reed Mace, Pickerel, Water Buttons, Bog Primula are typical examples. Some others to consider are Bean Bog, Dwarf Cattail, Globe Flower, Flag Iris and Sweet Flag Water Grass. Also the elegant Zantedeschia or Arum Lily.

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