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Koi Pond Filters

Koi pond filters are essential if you are to keep your precious fish happy and healthy. The purpose of the filter is to keep the water clean and clear so that you are not troubled by the problem of green algae clouding your pond.

An efficient filtration system consists of two elements. The first is a biological filter and the second is an Ultraviolet light. Both fish and decaying plants produce toxic ammonia which needs to be removed from your pond. The biological filter converts the ammonia to nitrates and nitrogen which acts as a fertilizer for the aquatic plants. In this way the harmful substances are removed and converted into useful plant food. Unless steps are taken to control the situation algae will form a green cloud in your pond during hot and sunny weather. The ultraviolet or UV light acts to kill the algae which will ensure that your pond water says bright and clear.

Although you can buy a filter and UV light separately, it is simpler to choose a combo unit which combines both elements. Koi pond filters come in different sizes and it is important to select the correct model for the capacity of your pond. There are several models designed for ponds of between 1000 and 5000 gallons capacity. For real koi enthusiasts who have ponds of 10,000 gallons or more, special considerations apply and a highly efficient filter is required. The ideal is japanese matting inside a vortex filter.

There is one other factor to be considered when selecting a filter. They are either pressurized or discharge by gravity. The former can buried so that the top is at ground level and the outlet below the pond surface. With gravity discharge the outlet from the filter has to be above ground so that in the event of an overflow then the water can run back into the pond.

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