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Lighting Water Garden

When lighting a water garden there are a number of matters to consider. Do you just want to light your pond or are you intending to illuminate your favorite plants and shrubs as well? Are you thinking about underwater lights or only ground mounted spotlights? One way that you can visualize the possibilities is to go out after dark with a torch and shine it in different directions so that you can see the effect. You will probably find that if you shine the light directly on to the water that it will cause an annoying glare so this is not a good idea. Generally speaking it's best to concentrate the lighting on to your main water feature such as a waterfall or fountain.

Underwater lighting can produce a dramatic effect in your water garden particularly if the colors are chosen with care. Make sure that the lights do not point at places where you will sit or stand to enjoy your water garden since this will spoil your view. Special effects can be achieved by positioning an underwater light beneath a waterfall so that it highlights the moving water.

Other possibilities are floating lamps. One type uses transparent globes containing low voltage bulbs. Up to four of the globes can be linked with a special cable to produce a unique atmosphere in the water garden.

To further enhance the mood consider adding an atmospheric mist maker. The misters produce fascinating wafts of mist that float serenely on the water surface. Several models are available ranging from a simple single membrane type up to the nine membrane unit with colored or rainbow lighting effects.

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