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How do I build an above ground pond?

The answer to the question "How do I build an above ground pond?" is that you construct a frame in the position that you want your pond, insert a liner and fill with water. There is a little more to it than that, of course, but if you use wood for the frame, you can build the above ground pond in less than a day. Often the task that takes the longest is filling the pool with water.

The great advantage of his type of pond is that you avoid the hard work of digging a large hole in the ground. If you decide to use wood for the frame, you should choose timber that has been treated with a preservative. Untreated timber will be affected by the damp and will become rotten in a short space of time. For a longer lasting framework use stone, bricks or concrete blocks. This will involve more work but you will end up with a far more substantial pond.

Before the liner can be put in place you will have to cover the base of the pond with a layer of protective material. This "underlay" protects the liner from sharp objects such as roots or pointed stones. Various materials can be used for this layer including soft sand, carpet underlay or even old carpet. The liner can then be laid on top of this layer and up over the framework. It is helpful at this point to add some water to a depth of one or two inches to pull the liner into shape. Once you are happy that the liner is fitting snugly, you can secure the edges to the top of the wooden frame or wall.

Here are three videos showing alternate ways of building an above ground pond. The first uses proprietary blocks and the second is constructed from standard bricks and stone. The third is an example of a pond that uses a wood frame.

For good prices on above ground pool liners visit MacArthur Water Gardens which is owned by Brett Fogle who has gives more detailed instructions in his article on Building a Liner Pond.

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