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Fish Pond Bridges

Well-designed fish pond bridges can make all the difference to backyard landscapes and water gardens. Apart from their basic practical function of providing a means of crossing over areas of water, fish pond bridges can themselves become a central feature of the landscaping.

Bridges have been built throughout all periods of history whenever people needed to cross rivers and streams. Different bridge designs have been developed over the years and several traditional styles are now built for use in backyards and other landscaped areas. Japanese style gardens have always been popular and a wooden arch bridge is a characteristic feature of this design. Immortalized on willow pattern plates and dishes, the koi pond bridges are both an attractive feature of the landscape and a place where you can stand and watch the fish in the water below.

Another popular icon is the Monet garden bridge which crosses a pool covered in a mass of waterlilies. Monet's paintings have been reproduced so many times that there can be hardly anyone who does not instantly recognize this type of garden pond bridge design. The distinctive arched style has been copied endlessly and can be found in yards and gardens all over the world.

Fish pond bridges are available from garden centers and specialist suppliers. The basic arch design is produced in many varieties. At its most basic is a simple plain arch. Other designs include posts and rails in varying degrees of ornamentation and complexity. If a standard design does not suit your circumstances, custom built bridges are available from specialist suppliers. Cedar is the wood most often used for bridges but California redwood is also employed by some makers.

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