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This page on koi pond supplies gives a brief overview of the things you will need to keep your fish healthy and happy. First and foremost, food for your koi. Then kits to test the water quality of your pond and, should these disclose any problems, we survey the various proprietary remedies that are available. Next a quick look at some statues and other items of decor that you can use to enhance the surroundings of your pond. Finally we consider the equipment and accessories that can help with the maintenance and day to day upkeep of your pond.

Food for your koi comes either as pellets or sticks both designed to float on the surface of the water. Of the many brands most claim to be a complete food with amino acid additives. Some contain natural color enhancers, including carotene to intensify the red and orange colors in your koi. These also contain iodine, an essential part of a koi's nutritional needs. Others are rich in nutrients and fortified with small, whole shrimp to ensure an enthusiastic feeding response. Another claims high carb/low protein diet provides pond fish with proper nutrition in cool water.

There are several test kits to enable you to check the quality of the water in your pond. Take your pick from kits to test for ammonia, nitrite or pH to combination kits covering four or five tests in one pack. If your fish are suffering as a result of poor water quality there are various products you can buy to treat the problem. An antibacterial product treats fish diseases including eye cloud, mouth fungus & fin & tail rot. Another product removes anchor worms and other external parasites from pond fish.

Perhaps "statue" was too grand a term for these poolside ornaments. A garden frog, a duck on a lily pad, a sitting gargoyle and a water spouting turtle are just some of the possibilities. And should you dislike real aquatic plants, you can even buy replica lily pads to provide shade for your fish.

Apart from koi water filters and pond pumps there are many other items of equipment and accessories to help you look after your pond. Nets large and small to retrieve debris from the water. An automatic fish feeder for those times when you are away from home. And a thermometer to help you to determine when and how much to feed your koi.

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