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Fragrant Iris Bulbs

You might be surprised to learn just how many fragrant iris bulbs there are. Here are details of just a few that are available.

Iris reticulata is a very low-growing, fragrant plant that blooms from late February through early April. They derived their species name (reticulata) from the netted or reticulate pattern on the dry bulbs. The striking 2-3½ inch flowers range in varying shades of blue, purple or yellow and are borne on naked stems growing to 6 inches tall. Their flowers are quite large in relationship to the plant as a whole, and have a sweet violet fragrance.

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery has this selection of fragrant bearded irises:

Autumn Tryst Lavender plicata 34" Reblooms
Blenheim Royal Royal Blue 38"
Immortality Pure white 29" Reblooms
Mary Frances Light blue-orchid with white beard 38"
New Moon Large lemon-yellow with heavy, ruffled petals 36"
Suky Rich violet w/ white zonal spots, spicy fragrance 37"
Victoria Falls mid-blu with white eye 40" Reblooms
Wabash White over red-purple with yellow beard, 35"

More highly fragrant bearded irises include 'Dark Passion', 'Fort Apache', 'Last Chance', 'Mary Frances', 'Old Black Magic', 'Pacific Mist', 'Scented Bubbles', 'Stepping Out', 'Thriller', and 'Sweet Lena'; also I. pallida variegata.

Bucharica Iris is a very fragrant iris that looks fantastic in mass plantings. The trick with this bulb is to plant it closer together than normal.

Iris warleyensis is one of the nicest species, having fragrant flowers with light blue standards, and strongly contrasting gold, purple-edged falls.

Although our recommended merchants may not be able to supply all the varieties of fragrant iris bulbs listed above, they do have a large selection and their sites are well worth a look.

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