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Blue Siberian Iris Bulbs

If you plant blue siberian iris bulbs in the fall you can look forward to a fine display of blooms from late spring to early summer the following year. Imagine a group of stately blue flowers borne on three foot high stems surrounded by tall, grass-like foliage providing a splash of color in your border.

Blue siberian irises grow well in cool, wet conditions and, though they thrive in full sun, they can also tolerate some shade. A good place to plant the bulbs would be a damp boggy area or in moist soil beside your garden pond.

Plant blue siberian iris bulbs about 1 inch deep in full sun to part shade. Irises can remain in the same location for several years, so it's worth taking a little extra time to prepare your soil to ensure years of beautiful, productive plants. To prepare the soil for planting, dig a hole, about 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide, and loosen the soil in the hole. Add about four inches of compost (or other organic matter) and a handful of granular, slow-release fertilizer. Thoroughly mix the fertilizer into the planting hole. The addition of organic matter and fertilizer will improve fertility, drainage and overall soil health. Once the soil is prepared, rake it level and dig a hole to accommodate each bulb.

Healthy iris plants may become crowded and need dividing after 3 to 4 years. A decrease in blooms usually indicates that it is time to divide. Iris bulbs should be completely dug up and then the rootball can be divided using a sharp spade or knife. Discard any dead or weak areas and then replant roughly half as much plant as you removed.

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