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Digging and Storing Iris Bulbs

Some iris varieties are not frost hardy in all areas of the country so digging and storing iris bulbs is necessary. If the bulbs are dug from the ground in the fall and stored in a frost free space, they can be kept successfully ready for replanting in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.

This involves a little work and somewhere to store the bulbs but is really quite simple. The iris flower bulbs should be dug from the bed just before the first frosts and then left to dry for a few days in a frost free location. Once the bulbs are dry, any remaining leaves and excess soil can be removed and they are then ready to be taken to their winter storage quarters. Most tender bulbs need to be stored in a cool, dry and dark place for the winter. Some will benefit from being stored in peat, sand or even shredded paper.

As an alternative to digging and storing iris bulbs you could consider growing the plants in containers. The great advantage of using flowerpots or containers is that you can then move the plants around as you please. In this way containers can be brought onto your patio or deck while the plants are in flower and then exchanged for further containers to give you a continuous colorful display. In the winter you just have to take your containers indoors to protect them from the frost.

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