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August 16, 2007 20:09 - Strawberry And Tomato In A Square Foot Garden


I've mentioned Square Foot Gardening before so I was interested to discover that this article was about Mel Bartholomew the author of the original book which he wrote 25 years ago. His system involves building a 4-foot by 4-foot box with internal partitions so that you have sixteen one foot squares in which you can grow separate crops. Using this system extends the growing season and cuts down on weeding. Read more..

"Growing a Drought-Proof Landscape" is the title of this next piece by Charlie Nardozzi, the senior horticulturist and spokesperson for the National Gardening Association. His four basic rules are Choose the Right Plant for Your Location, Plant Correctly, Grow Lawns Properly and Water and Fertilize Wisely.

"Hope sprouts from tour of struggling garden plot" is not the most rivetting of headlines, but then this is "Gardening with Dave". He's in the second year of an experiment to see if he can produce a veggie garden that offers a maximum of produce and pleasure with a minimal investment of time and money. If you enjoy a tale of woe, then this is for you. It even has a happy ending. Read more..

And now for a really crazy headline "Strawberry In A Tomato". "A Utah woman says she found a strawberry growing inside a tomato. But is it really what she says it is?" There'a a video on the page, but it would not play for me. Read more..

For anyone reading this who goes back to some of the previous entries, you will find that some of the "Read more" links have disappeared. This is because the newspapers concerned have removed the article from their website. Just in case you were wondering..

And finally, the August issue of Garden Ramblings is now online. Don't miss it!


August 30, 2007 17:46 - Childhood Obesity And Paradise Porch


Articles that extol the benefits of gardening as a way to exercise and lose weight appear frequently, but this is the first time that I have seen the suggestion that gardening could be the answer to childhood obesity. While there is no disputing the fact that gardening is a good way of taking exercise, I do wonder how many kids can be persuaded to abandon their video games and tv for the garden. Read more..

A history of gardening from ancient Egyptian tombs and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the present day all in ten paragraphs is quite an achievement. Jay Thomas leads us through Roman villas, Moorish palaces and French chateaux all the way to Mrs Suzie Snow at Woodvalley Road. I'm sure you can't wait to read more..


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