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September 4, 2007 11:52 - Dahlias, Pitayas And A Paper Bag.


"It’s time to shift to fall gardening" says Mary Jo Modica, a horticulturist at the University of Alabama Arboretum. "The recent rains and "cooler" temperatures are just the inspiration needed to venture back into the garden". The transition from summer to fall involves a multitude of tasks and her article provides a handy checklist of those that need to be accomplished in the next four to six weeks. Read more..

Enough of checklists - this article is for pure enjoyment. Take a tour of the William Wolkoff Dahlia garden in Bayard Cutting Arboretum which is home to 400 varieties of dahlias. With Bill Wolkoff as your guide you will learn how the garden has developed over 34 years and pick up some tips on how to achieve such a magnificant display. Read more..


Dinnerplate Dahlia

If you click the link you will find that all the dahlias are sold out since they are planted in the spring, but you can explore the different varieties and make plans for next season.

And next an article by Yehoshua Siskin from the Jerusalem Post. After a rather technical theological discussion of the relative status of the Garden of Eden and the land of Israel, he moves on to the main topic of his article which is fruit growing in the Negev desert. Pitaya and apple cactus are both grown successfully in that region where the extreme conditions prove to be an advantage. Read more..

And finally I couldn't resist this quote "Gardening can be as easy as pouring water into a paper bag". Source

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September 17, 2007 10:53 - Frank Ferragine And An Unlikely Trio


Although many gardeners are most enthusiastic in the spring when they are itching to get out into the garden after the cold and dark of winter, here's a reminder of the benefits of planting in the fall. This article is for Californians in particular, but has lessons for all of us. The root growth that occurs in the fall and winter gives the plants added strength to withstand the summer heat. Read more..

Frank Ferragine is answering readers questions in the Epoch Times. If you are having problems with asiatic lilies, grubs in your lawn or looking for advice on drought tolerant plants, he is your man. He did leave me a little puzzled with his reply to his first reader's question about her rose bushes, but apart from this, there are some useful tips. Read more..

What do Aristotle, William of Occam and Edward De Bono have to do with gardening? Well it seems that Cathie Draine has invited this unlikely trio to a party to discuss "ways of observing and responding to perceived problems in the garden". To find out what came out of this fictional gathering, read more..

And finally, the September issue of Garden Ramblings is now online. Don't miss it!


September 19, 2007 12:56 - Gadfly, Officialdom And A Salad Table


Today there are a couple of stories illustrating how even the gentle art of gardening can have unexpected consequences. First Sandra Chandra tells how a "Gladfly" has been "Exiled From Garden". It seems that Barbara Hohol has been barred from her local community garden for the past nine years on the grounds that she pruned and sheared generously without notifying the proper authorities. In July she was allowed to return because of her "gardening expertise", but just one month later she has again been banished following her over enthusiastic pruning. Read more..

The second story comes from a small village in southern England where 79 year old June Turnbull has been tending a public flowerbed for the last six years. Recently she was spotted by local council officials and told that she would have to stop work on the plot because she was in breach of health and safety laws. To be allowed to continue she would have to put up warning signs and be supervised when tending the blooms. Fortunately the situation has now been resolved and she can carry on as long as she wears a florescent jacket. Read more..

At this time of year there are plenty of articles telling you what needs to be done in the garden. "Get busy with fall gardening" by Marty Hair is typical, but what did catch my eye was his mention of a salad table - "convenient for people but out of reach of rabbits". Apparantly this was a great success and, if you would like to try this, his article contains the download link for a free PDF booklet with instructions. Read more..

Finally here's a short video from WTAP News with advice on how to how to keep your containers looking great until the frosts arrive. Read more..


September 25, 2007 20:13 - Lawn Mowers, Birdfeeders And Flowerpots


Gardening is good for you - all that fresh air and exercise, we know it must be true. But there is another side to the coin. According to a recent news report British gardening is "danger-filled". Apparently 87000 Brits manged to injure themselves last year while indulging their green thumbs. Lawn mowers were the most dangerous tools being responsible for 6500 injuries and hedge trimmers accounted for another 3100. But sneaking in between to the number two position was the flower pot. Source

So how does the US compare in the accident stakes? Unfortunately the only figures I could find are ten years out of date, but in 1997 lawn mowers were responsible for 60,804 injuries. Pruning, trimming, and edging equipment came next with 32,217, closely followed by chainsaws with 29,684. There was no mention of flower pots. Source

With falling temperatures and winter not too far away it's time to organize your bird feeders. Gardener's Supply Company have a new Corn Cob Birdfeedericon which you can hang on your fence, gate or shed. Click the picture to find out more.


Gardener's Supply Company


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