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Read our reviews of garden supplies, tools and accessories. Find all the best plants and seeds together with advice on cultivation. We are here both to provide the information and advice you seek to plan your garden projects and also to help you find the plants, tools and supplies you need to realise your plans.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out with your first garden or an experienced pro, we are sure you will find something of interest here. The Garden Supplies Advisor, as its name suggests, has been set up for your benefit, so we invite you to take full advantage of all the facilities provided.

You may like to start by reading one of the articles to give you ideas for a new project. For instance, are you looking for advice on lawn care?
How about some new ideas for planting annuals and bedding plants? What sort of roses should you choose for your plot? What about flower bulbs, and when should they be planted? Climbing plants - the ones you can train and control and those you can't and will hate. Herbs - how to grow and use them? How do you start with vegetables? Should you become organic? Learn how to make a secret garden bed. What supplies do you need for a zen garden? All these topics and more are covered.

Garden Supplies News If you think that a garden pond sounds like a good idea, let us give you the low down on the different types available and the
work involved so that you are fully prepared before you start. On a smaller scale, there are now many types of small garden fountains available to suit all tastes. You can even have a pondless waterfall.

Pergolas and arches which support climbing plants come in various designs made out of wood or metal. We review the different types which can either be stand alone features or act as a division between sections of your garden. The section on Garden Decor covers the large variety of items that are available to add that special touch. From statues to sundials, birdhouses to wishing wells, gazing balls to garden gnomes, we show you where you can find everything from the truly elegant to the utterly weird and wacky.

Garden tools help to make a good gardener, and without them you cannot give of your best. Tools should be of a high quality and from an established firm. If the manufacturer has a reputation worth keeping, the gardener is likely to be in safe hands. Economise if you will on the number of your tools but never buy cheap ones. Weak tools, the rake and hoe heads which are poorly fastened so that they first waggle and then fall off, are all too common. It pays to buy tools of as good a quality as the budget will allow. The topic of Garden Supplies covers a wide field, so do take a little time to browse through our site so that you can see what information and ideas you can find. Use the search box below if you are looking for a specific item.

 New articles and tips will be added on a regular basis so do check back often to see what we have to offer.