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Your guide to the best online suppliers of garden supplies, garden ornaments and decor, patio furniture, pond supplies and tools. You'll find lots of information on seeds, bulbs and plants with links to the top merchants for all these products. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned pro, there is something here for you.

  • The lawn is usually a major feature of your backyard. Read our advice on lawn care and the products you need to ensure a perfect sward.
  • Arbors, arches and pergolas bring structure to your landscape. Check out all the different possibilities here.
  • Garden Decor covers a large variety of items that are available to add that special touch to your garden. Here are just three:
  • Birdhouses. From what used to be a plain rectangular box, these have developed into the most exotic dwellings you can imagine.
  • Sundials. Both practical and decorative sundials can be found in many shapes and materials reflecting their use by gardeners over many hundreds of years.
  • Garden Gnomes are a more recent invention which some find offensive, but in the right setting can provide an interesting addition to your yard.
  • Garden furniture for your lawn or patio is a must if you are to enjoy outdoor living to the full.
  • Garden tools looks at those essential items that you need to work and maintain your yard.
  • Garden ponds covers all aspects of water gardening from the various methods of pond construction to building a waterfall.
  • Gardening books are not just for dark winter evenings although that is a good time to plan and check out suppliers for the coming season. Take a look at our selection of downloadable ebooks.
  • Bulbs that flower in the Spring are some of the easiest plants to grow. Snowdrops, daffodils and tulips come in many different varieties. Online nurseries can supply a huge choice at great prices.
  • Roses are many people's favorite flower. Where a local garden center may have limited stock an online store will be able to provide a greater choice.
  • Vegetables. Grow your own has always been popular but never more so than today. Check out this section for tips on cultivation and advice on seed suppliers.
  • Garden gifts. Choosing a present for a gardener can sometimes be a problem because of the huge number of products on offer. Check out this section for some helpful tips and our recommedations of suppliers.
The popularity of gardening as a hobby results in an ever increasing number of products and garden supplies available to the gardener. Take a little time to browse through our site to find the information you seek.


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