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A Twin-Wall Panel Greenhouse

Forget about glass, a Twin-Wall Panel Greenhouse is the modern way. If you are not familiar with this phrase, let me explain that in a twin-wall panel greenhouse the glass is replaced by a special type of plastic sheet. The 8mm thick polycarbonate panels are called twin-wall because they are made from two thin sheets separated by spacers. Looked at end on they resemble the cardboard used for boxes and packing cases.

A polycarbonate greenhouse cover has many advantages over ordinary glass:

Lightweight. Not just lighter, but only 1/8th the weight of glass. This means that the panels need far less support so allowing for a slimmer structure.

Strong. No more broken glass - the panels are virtually unbreakable and able to withstand an impact 200 times greater than glass.

Energy efficient. The twin-wall construction provides superior heat retention with the insulating air space built into the product.

Diffused light. When light passes through the twin-wall panel it is diffused giving a more even light throughout the greenhouse so promoting better plant growth.

Easy to install and long lasting this twin-wall polycarbonate can be the ideal form of greenhouse cover as opposed to the traditional use of heavy and breakable glass. If it has one disadvantage it is price. The panels are considerably more expensive than the eqivalent sized sheets of glass.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could consider building a greenhouse using pvc or buying a vinyl greenhouse kit. Another possibility might be to acquire a preowned or used greenhouse. As always, you get what you pay for and taking account of all its advantages, paying extra for a twin-wall panel greenhouse would appear to be a sound investment.