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When looking for greenhouse plans you will be spoilt for choice. There are numerous styles and sizes from which you will have to make your selection. To help you narrow down the possibilities you need to think about how you want to use your greenhouse. What type of plants do you wish to grow and how much space will they need? Is the greenhouse just for growing plants, or will it be used partly as a sunroom? Once you have answered these questions, then you can look at the various styles that are available.

A lean-to is attached to a wall of your house and so can be the cheapest form of construction. This may not be the case if you wish it to double as a sunroom where a more substantial building will be required. To receive the maximum amount of sunlight a lean-to greenhouse will have to be sited on a south-facing wall.

With a freestanding greenhouse you have a greater choice of site. The ideal situation is one where your greenhouse is shaded in the summer by deciduous trees, but is exposed to full sun in the winter once the branches have shed their leaves.

Various greenhouse plans are available all the way from a basic home greenhouse measuring 10'x12' to a large victorian conservatory comprising a main room of 20'x20' and four wings of 12'x10' each. Construction materials range from wood, steel and aluminium for the frame to glass, fiberglass, rigid double-wall plastics, and polythene sheeting for the glazing.

For more detailed information on greenhouse plans have a look at this site provided by West Virginia University Extension Service.


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