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Teak Lawn Furniture

When you buy teak lawn furniture, here are some points you need to check:

Wood. Grade A Teak is the highest quality teak wood which is obtained from government plantations in Indonesia. These were first planted by Dutch Colonists in the seventeenth century and the trees are harvested on a twenty year cycle to ensure a constantly renewable resource.

Kiln dried. The wood should be kiln dried to a moisture content of 8 - 12%. Air Drying is an alternative process but is far less efficient. Kiln Drying ensures wood dryness at the core (not just the surface) and therefore eliminates or reduces the chances of cracking or splitting.

 Joinery. The best form of constuction for lawn furniture uses mortise and tenon joints. This results in strong and durable chairs and tables which will give a lifetime of service.

Manufacture. Contrary to what you might expect, machine made furniture is both more expensive and superior in quality to furniture made by hand. There are several reasons why this is so, the main one being that it requires investment in machines and stricter process control.

Check out these four points when you compare the products offered by different suppliers. Teak is the most expensive type of wood used in the manufacture of garden furniture so, if you want to compare the merits of other materials, then take a look at the page on teak deck furniture.

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