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Teak Deck Furniture

When choosing teak deck furniture there are a number of points that you will want to consider. Perhaps first, why are you picking teak in preference to any other wood? Garden furniture made from teak is more expensive than chairs and tables constructed from other materials and there is a good reason for this; teak lasts longer than any other wood and has a life expectancy of some 75 years.

You can buy deck and patio furniture made from cedar, wicker, iron, steel or aluminium but none will have the durability or low maintenance of teak.

Mind you it is important to check the quality of the teak used in the deck furniture that you plan to buy. Grade A teak is the highest quality most of which comes from plantations in Indonesia. Be wary of any products using wood described as “teak-like”, “as good as teak” or “family of teak”. Only genuine high quality teak will ensure the strength and longevity of your furniture.

The next point to check is the quality of construction of the chairs and tables. For instance, if you are looking at garden benches, count the number of slats used in the seat. You will find wide variations between different manufacturers. Also check the finish to ensure that all joints fit flush and do not leave any rough edges.

Once you have found a reliable supplier, you are then left with the choice of style for your teak deck furniture. From standard upright armchairs, folding chairs, adironbacks, rockers, steamers, loungers, gliders or swings to mention only a few. You can find designs to suit every taste to ensure that you can enjoy your deck in comfort for many years to come.

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