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What could be more pleasurable than receiving an unexpected bouquet of flowers? Imagine the surprise and then the joy when you see the exquisite blooms and smell the subtle perfume. If it gives you this much pleasure, just imagine the effect on someone you love that your gift of flowers will bring.

When should you give flowers? Well, how about: 


  • On a special Anniversary
  • For a Birthday
  • To offer your Congratulations
  • To send a Get Well message
  • On the arrival of a New Baby
  • To say Thank You
  • To your Valentine
  • On Mother's Day (and Father's Day too)
  • To say Sorry
  • To offer Sympathy


What should you send? 

Although it is possible to buy most flowers all year round, generally people like to receive bouquets of flowers that match the season when the gift is given. By carefully selecting the flower varieties and colors you send will result in a thoughtful, customized gift your recipient will treasure. The first step is to consider the preferences of the person for whom the gift is intended. What colors does he or she like? Men respond well to vivid, crisp colors such as red, orange, purple and blue. Women tend to relish pastel tones of pinks, peaches and lavenders. Does she have any favorite flowers? What are his hobbies? Your florist can create arrangements that revolve around his or her favorite hobby, sport or pastime. Ask yourself what message you want to convey. Consult with your florist, who can explain the assortment of possibilities available.

To make things really easy for you just click on the link for Speaking Roses where you will get all the help you need. (Martha Stewart)

Why not send flowers to someone right now! 


Bridal Bouquet with Cala Lilies | Local Florist Chicago | Local Florist Skokie | Send Flowers Chicago


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