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A Bridal Bouquet with Calla Lilies

For an early summer wedding a bridal bouquet with Calla Lilies can be an excellent choice. Other suitable flowers that are available at this time of year are members of the lily, orchid, daisy, and dahlia families. The calla lily has funnel-shaped blooms which are not really flowers at all but but a large horn-shaped extension of the stem, called a spathe, which measures between six and nine inches long. Colors vary from white through orange to dark purple, but pure white is the preferred color for a bridal bouquet with calla lilies.

Flowers perform an important function in the celebration of a wedding. For most people this is the most important day of their lives and, naturally, they wish everything to be perfect. As well as bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, boutonnieres are required for the groom, best man and all the ushers. The church or wedding chapel will be decorated with flowers as will the room where the reception is to be held.

These days it is usually the bride who will decide what flowers she wants for her wedding day. Although it would be possible for the bride to prepare the floral decorations herself using flowers from her own garden or those of friends, usually she will engage a florist to make the arrangements. A florist will be able to advise on flowers that are available at each season of the year. For an exotic choice he might suggest an orchid and calla lily bridal bouquet, but for something simpler a bridal bouquet with calla lilies would be appropriate. (Martha Stewart)


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