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January 15, 2008 18:22 - January Blues And A Dog Days Reading List and the rest


January is the month when keen gardeners suffer withdrawal symptoms, stuck indoors contemplating the cold and wet outside. With Christmas and New Year behind us, how can we occupy ourselves until better weather arrives and we can get our hands into the dirt again? Well, here are two suggestions. The first comes from Marty Ross who tells us that "This is the season of well-dressed windowsills. No matter what weather the winter brings, you can keep right on gardening indoors". What with "hip new houseplants and interesting variations on well-known themes for sale everywhere", there's no excuse for idleness. Read more..

Curl up with a good book is the recommendation from Joel M Lerner. Although he puts it rather differently - "Gardening and landscape-design books can take you away from your weeding while the weather's overheating". He reviews 8 books ranging from encyclopedias and coffee table tomes to the strictly practical. Read more..

"Gardening During Global Warming" is the title of this next piece by Charlie Nardozzi. Whether it is caused by human activity or part of the natural cycle, everyone agrees that the earth is increasing in temperature. The article suggests ways that we can change some of our gardening practices to lessen the adverse effects on the environment. He quotes one statistic that I had not heard before. Apparently "an hour's use of a conventional lawn mower pollutes as much as driving a car 100 miles".

If you are looking for a bargain Gardener's Supply Company are holding their After Holiday Sale where you can find discounts of up to 71% on 125 items. Click the banner for details.


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January 25, 2008 17:34 - Tickle Me, Tickled Pink And Outside In.


"Tickled Pink" is the caption to this picture of Sanguisorba hakusanensis which is one of the rain loving plants described in this article on Wet Weather Gardening. If your garden is one where heavy rainfall results in soggy beds that never dry out in the winter, then you should find this interesting. Last year I lost a lavatera which I always regarded as almost indestructible, but the soggy soil was too much for it. Clearly I need to replace it with something that will appreciate the damp conditions and this article has some good suggestions. Read more..

According to P Allen Smith "in mid-January we start to get the itch — you know the one — our fingernails are just too clean and it’s time to get our hands in the soil". His answer - " A great way to satisfy your green thumb during the winter is to tackle three classic indoor gardening projects: terrariums, topiaries and bonsai". For full instructions, read more..

One task that can be tackled outside at this time of the year is to spray your roses. That is if they turned orange, black or white last summer indicating rust, black spot or powdery mildew. Terry Kramer guides you through the proceedure and then includes some tips on pruning as well. Read more..

"TickleMe Plants - Featured by the National Gardening Association For Your Valentine!" "It will tickle the heart of those who receive it and make them smile," says Larry Chipkin -- President of the TickleMe Plant Company. TickleMe Plants can be grown any time of the year, as an indoor houseplant. They even can produce pretty pink fluffy flowers! What is a TickleMe Plant? Read more..


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