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December 13, 2007 18:16 - Salads And An iSpade With Some Late Bloomers


We've all known for years that fast foods of the burger and chips variety are frowned upon by the health professionals, but two recent reports have left me wondering whether there is anything left that is safe to eat.

Apparently ham including bacon is now on the list of foods that you should avoid entirely. A week or so later I read of another study that condemned any form of carbonated food, so I must now forgo my breakfast toast. So here's some good news for a change.

Eating salads and gardening will keep lung cancer at bay, even for smokers. "A new study, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has found that salad intake and gardening substantially reduces the chances of developing lung cancer for smokers as well as nonsmokers." Read more..

If you are still casting around for some gift ideas for your gardening friends then this next piece is for you. With a mixture of high-tech (how about an iSpade?) and traditional items this article by Jeff Lowenfels covers a good selection of interesting ideas. You will read about the watering can that you plug into the mains and the modern grow lights that are ideal for amateur use.

As an antidote to the ever-increasing presence of electronics in our lives Jeff suggests an indoor worm composting kit or a traditional garden cart. Last on his list are "living bouquets," pots of forced bulbs ready to bloom, sent once a month for three or six months to anyone you choose. These are available from Gardener's Supply Co who are offering a 15% discount on orders of $25 or more. Read more..

Gardener's Supply Company

And now for something completely different. Ann Lovejoy goes in search of late bloomers that may be hiding behind fading garden flowers. "After a few mornings of deep frosts, white fog and iron-hard soil, I like to prowl around the garden to see what, if anything, is still in bloom. The best loot will always be found in an older, somewhat overgrown, garden where bushes overlap, forming protective little coves for late flowers." Read more..


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