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November 4, 2006 09:00 - Sale Bargains Galore


For anyone who's not a subscriber to the various merchant's newsletters here's a note of the special offers around just now.

First off there's Gardener's Supply Company: "Huge Outlet Sale - Prices Slashed - Over 250 Items".

"Lot's of in-season products are in our Outlet store at prices that can't be beat. Some are reduced up to as much as 63% off the retail price. Every gardener can afford to stock up on gardening supplies at these reduced prices.

Here are some examples of products with big discounts:
- Copper A-Frame Trellis - 63% off
- Folding Gardener's Seat - 61% off
- Kindling Holder - discounted 60%
- Watering Can Hand Bag (would make a great holiday gift) - 66% off
- Forever Wreath, 22" - 60% off
- Seed balls (Parsley, Thyme or Chive) - 51% off"

Click the Banner for details:
Gardener's Supply Company

Here's the offer from Breck's Bulbs:

"Winter is just around the corner, and that means the fall bulb planting season will soon draw to a close. But there is still time left to order bulbs and get them in the ground for glamorous displays of flowers next spring. As an added incentive, we’ve slashed our prices in half on all our spring bulbs! That’s right, you can save 50% on all your last-minute bulb purchases!"

But don't hang around because their sale ends on 7 November.

There are even greater savings at Dutch Gardens where the saving is up to 55% on their spring bulbs. "Tons of Bestsellers Now on Sale".

November 7 is the deadline here as well, so click the banner for details:
Dutch Gardens, Inc.



November 15, 2006 19:47 - Garden Ramblings, Compost and a Sale


"Gardening is dirty business", at least, that's what Charlie Nardozzi thinks because that's how he started his article on composting. After discussing how you should use compost and the different sources of supply, he gives instructions on how you can make your own. You won't find anything new here, but good down to earth information all the same. Read more..

Today is November 15 so that means that the November issue of my Garden Ramblings newsletter is out. I was planning to include an article on compost making, but you've ended up with two guest articles instead. One tells you How To Grow Avocados by Hans Dekker and the other is all about Aerating Your Lawn by Terry Blackburn.

Gurney's Seed and Nursery are having a clearout. "At this time of year we take a step back to inventory our merchandise. While doing this we set aside anything that we need to 'clear out' in order to make room for next year's stock. This is where you save BIG – we're offering this great merchandise to you, our valued newsletter subscribers only, at substantial discounts! Right now, you can save up to 87% off selected items." But you'll have to hurry - Sale Ends November 20th.



November 22, 2006 21:42 - Pompions, Cowcumbers, Currance and Filberds


"What fruits and vegetables were on the table at the 'First Thanksgiving?'" is how Cheryl Moore-Gough opens her article in The Montana Standard. "While the first colonists of Patuxet/New Plymouth gathered with the Wampanoag tribe in 1621, what is often referred to as 'The First Thanksgiving' probably wasn’t a first, and may not have been considered a thanksgiving by the participants. It might be more accurate to call it an autumn harvest feast."

What follows is a fascinating insight on the crops grown way back then. Discover the delights of pompions, cowcumbers, currance and filberds as well as the vegetables and fruits that are common today. Read more..

"As Eden was the first recorded garden, gardening as a life-source has been around for a long time" is your next dose of history, this time from Bob Johnson, a Lenoir County master gardener. "Too often we forget that American Indians were farming this land long before we settled in the Americas, and we seldom acknowledge the role Native American tribes played in the development of our country." With the fall claenup completed, I hope, now is a good time to relax and read some of those things that we never find time for during the busy growing season. Read more..

And now for something sentimental from Cathie Draine. I'm not too keen on her style of writing but Donna's letter is just so sweet. Read more..


Gardener's Supply Company

As you see from the banner Gardener's Supply Company have a free shipping offer so now might be a good time to take a look in their store to see what goodies are available. And if you want some suggestions for holiday presents, just head over to my other blog at Gardening Gift Ideas.


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