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October 2, 2006 11:41 - The Meatball Shrub and Beautiful Orchids


One gardening writer with strong opinions on his likes and dislikes is Christopher Solomon. One of his pet peeves is the "meatball shrub". This is what others would describe as the noble art of topiary where shrubs are trimmed to interesting shapes as part of an overall garden design. But for Solomon anything that is not the natural growth pattern of a shrub is a sin. That is just the first of his pet hates. Others include "marching flowers", "dyed mulch" and "cluttered landscapes". Read more..

On a lighter note here is a video I found from The American Orchid Society.

If you want to know more about how to grow and maintain healthy orchids, take a look at "Orchids to Brag About!"


October 25, 2006 18:26 - Halloween and Spring Bulbs


I'm afraid that I have been pre-occupied this month and so have neglected this blog. I was persuaded to join a group to create a collection of blogs all dealing with different aspects of halloween. Under the banner "Scary Purple Halloween" my alloted task is to cover "Halloween Cards".

"Winter is just around the corner, and that means the fall bulb planting season will soon draw to a close. But there is still time left to order bulbs and get them in the ground for glamorous displays of flowers next spring. As an added incentive, we’ve slashed our prices in half on all our spring bulbs! That’s right, you can save 50% on all your last-minute bulb purchases!

No matter what your favourite spring blooming bulbs are, you’ll find them all for half off regular prices right now at Breck's."


October 31, 2006 09:41 - A Gardener's Halloween


As I mentioned the other day, for the last month I have been involved in a project called Scary Purple Halloween. Organized by Dr Mani Sivasubramanian, an Indian heart surgeon and internet marketer, a group of fifty of us have been blogging on all aspects of the halloween theme. My task was to cover halloween cards.

Plenty of others have jumped on the halloween bandwagon. Here's an offer from Gurney's: "You can scare up some big savings on everything you need for your garden during Gurney’s site-wide Halloween Sale!

We’ve marked down everything on our site by 20% to help clear our fall inventory. Save on vegetable seeds, flowers, fruit trees, harvesting tools, fertilizers, grass seed, ornamental shrubs and more. But hurry, this sale lasts just 5 days."

Even orchids are getting in on the act. Here's Mary Ann Berdak:

"Mary Ann here with a special 'spooky' surprise...

Because we receive orchid success stories every single
month, I KNOW (along with hundreds of others around the
globe) the howling good impact Adelaide Willougbhy's
long-lost orchid growing manual can have on your orchids.

But I was just looking at my records this evening and
noticed you haven't put "Orchid Secrets Revealed" to use
for your own orchids yet - and that frightened me.

So I wanted to do something to change that creepy fact! ;)

That's why, after looking into my cauldron, I decided to
give you a very special 'trick or treat' gift...

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to hold my first-ever haunted
Halloween sale...only for 31 hours!"

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to share the link or "else you'll be cursed by the mighty Ghost Orchid!"
(If you're interested, just email me for the details).


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