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Making a Grape Arbor

Making a grape arbor is a fairly simple project for any competent diy enthusiast requiring only basic tools and equipment. The materials required for making a grape arbor comprise pressure-treated lumber for the main posts and beams together with assorted screws, nuts, bolts and nails. In addition a small quantity of concrete is needed in which to set the upright posts.

The reasons for making arbors to grow grapes can be many. In addition to their primary function as a support for vines they can also be designed to provide a shady space for an intimate sitting area. This could be constructed over an existing patio or on a deck. Another possibility would be to site the arbor in an open area of the garden where it would form an attractive feature and act as a focal point.

The design and size of arbors varies widely. The simplest structure consists of two upright posts linked by a beam to which is attached small rafters to support the vine. The next size uses four posts to produce a box-shaped design. If additional pairs of posts are added, a rectangular shape is the result. Using six or eight posts would produce a decent sized arbor which could be ideal for a patio or deck. A circular design is another variation that would suit a site in the open garden.

So far we have just been talking about a basic design using standard timber or wooden poles. There are also Japanese style arbors, birch arbors and rustic natural willow arbors. These last involve planting willow saplings and, as they grow, training the branches into the desired shape. If this sounds too much like hard work, you can buy wooden arbor kits. Whichever way you look at it, making a grape arbor is a thoroughly worthwhile project.



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