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Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg!


Supermarket fruit and vegetables are a poor substitute for the real thing. Sure, you'll no doubt find organic produce in the more reputable shops, but they always come at a very high price. So why pay for something that you could quite easily produce yourself, and to a much higher standard? The simple answer is of course laziness. Most people do not want to commit the time and energy it takes to grow a crop from seed, but the benefits are enormous and incredibly diverse.


What's the Big Deal?


More people are beginning to grow their own fresh produce in recent years. And when you look at the wide range of benefits, it is plain to see why. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that vegetables – particularly those grown at home – are very good for you! Many families exist on a diet that simply isn't giving them the nutrients they need to function. And even the vegetables they are eating generally aren't as full of vitamins as one might think. Growing your own ensures that your family will have a much healthier diet. From a financial perspective as well, home-grown vegetables can be infinitely cheaper than ones bought from the supermarket, particularly if your family buys organic. So by investing a little time and care into producing your own home-grown crop, you'll be saving money and giving your body the vital nutrients it deserves.


How Do I Start?


Fortunately, many vegetables can grow in even the smallest of spaces, so you don't need to worry about not having a massive garden. Even if you only have a couple of windowsills or a small balcony, this is easily enough space to grow a few fresh herbs and salad leaves. Even if you're a city dweller and have absolutely no space at all to grow vegetables, the chances are you will still be able to rent an allotment from the council, which will provide you with plenty of room to get started! Of course if you have the luxury of a large garden, your options are plentiful and you might like to think outside the box in terms of where you plant your crop; you could get yourself some timber and quality tools from Anglia Tool Centre and build a raised garden bed to house your flourishing crop. The options are endless!


Get Started!


Obviously this is only a quick guide on the benefits of growing. So get online or into your local nursery now to find out more. It's a healthy lifestyle choice you definitely won't regret.





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