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Beautifully Combine Color
for Use in Your Flower Garden

Remember the color wheel from art class in school?

Some easy to remember keys to beautifully combine color in your garden areas lies in the way those six basic colors are set up on the color wheel.

Starting from the top and working clockwise around the color wheel, simply remember the sequence of the colors: violet/purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and then back to violet/purple.

By knowing and using the order of the colors around the color wheel you can apply the following three quick and easy to remember tips to beautifully combine color:

Combine colors that are next to each other on the color wheel:
Suppose you want orange flowers in your garden. To compliment the orange, you could combine orange and yellow flowers...or orange and red flowers...or orange, yellow AND red flowers.

Combine colors that are straight across from each other on the color wheel:
Starting with the orange example again, you could combine orange and blue...or yellow and purple...or red and green.

Combine colors that form a triangle with each other:
Orange, green and purple...or blue, yellow and red.

Following the sequence of colors around the color wheel and these three tips as a guide, you will soon be creating beautifully combined areas of color throughout your garden areas.

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