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Get the Most out of Your Garden Shed

Most well looked after gardens have a shed. There are many benefits to the humble garden shed, and can be used for a variety of different things.

The garden shed is most often used for storage. It’s a great place to put your gardening tools to keep them safe and secure without having them in the house. However, how many of you simply throw things in and shut the door as quickly as possible? Get organised with these tips.

Utilise Wall Space

  • Use hooks to hang tools with handles, making them easy to find, easy to store, and makes sure that they (and you) don’t get damaged. This is a lot safer than a stack of them in the corner, especially heavy ones. A pegboard works well. A sturdier hook will keep your hose out from under your feet too.

  • Use baskets attached the wall or on shelves to group smaller tools together so they don’t get lost in piles of bigger ones.

  • Alternatively, store small metal tools with a magnetic strip attached to the wall. Everything from garden shears to your towel can be held on the wall, depending on the strength of the magnet.

  • Moving things off the floor will give you space to better store big and awkward items like your mower.

  • Store the wheelbarrow upright against the wall, freeing up floor space.

  • Open shelving is invaluable. Somewhere dark and enclosed will benefit from the light filtering through the open shelves, and adjustable shelves will mean you can tailor it to your needs.

  • Container draws will keep all those odds and ends from going walk about, from books to seeds and everything in between.

Be Organised

  • If you’ve got room, add a potting bench. This way you do your gardening even when it’s raining.

  • Have a grab bag. Hang a tote bag, wicker basket or even an old milk bottle carrier on the back of your shed door, and have your frequently used items inside. Shears, trowels, gardening gloves and anything else you use all the time so you can do a bit of gardening with ease.

  • Make a calendar. Whether you use a regular calendar or a simple ribbon and peg organiser, keep a track of when you last fertilised the flower beds and when you need to plant the next lot of seeds.

If, after you’ve organised your shed, you’re still struggling for space, consider getting a bigger shed like the ones from Sheds and Things.



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