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May 6, 2009 12:35 - Voles, Deer And An Organic Royal


"Ears like open taxi doors, the fuddy-duddy mannerisms and marital missteps" is the way Virginia Smith describes her subject. If you're a fan of royalty you will have no difficulty in recognizing that the person she is talking about is Prince Charles. For the last twenty-four years the prince has gardened organically at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire and throughout that time has championed the cause of organic gardening. Read more..

Writing in The East Hampton Press Oliver Peterson tackles the thorny subject of garden pests. Voles are a particular problem at present. They burrow beneath plants and damage the stems and roots. Often the first indication of a problem is a dead plant. There's no repellant so trapping is the only remedy. Deer are the other major problem in the area. The usual solution is a strong fence, but recently the deer have started breaking them down. If you can afford $3500 plus $99 per month you can employ DeerTech to erect ultrasonic devices and carry out a monthly spray to deter the animals. A cheaper remedy would be to grow deer resistant plants and there is a list of these in the article. Read more..

Dutch Gardens have just announced their Spring Clearance Sale where you can save up to 59% on select spring-planted bulbs and perennials. For example this Tizzy Gaillardia was $16.95 and is now $12,95. Click the picture for the details.




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