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November 8, 2008 10:31 - Wiggly Wigglers, Red Caterpillars and Lotus Flowers


"Let’s exchange ideas about plants, not as experts, but as enthusiasts" suggests Brenda Johnson in her monthly column for Press & Dakotan. First stop is at Neil and Karen Faerber's country home on a half-acre lot outside of Yankton. When they moved in fourteen years ago the yard was bordered by some Austrian pines and a few blue spruce trees but there were no flowers or shrubs. Now their yard has been transformed to such an extent that it was included in the 2008 garden tour sponsored by Missouri Valley Master Gardeners. Read more..

Why should a natural gardening mail-order company win a Dell Small Business Excellence Award? It seems it's all to do with networking on Facebook and weekly podcasts. Selling traditional products but using technology in innovative ways is what impressed the Dell executives.

Richard Nunnally's Q&A session for the Richmond Times-Dispatch includes suggestions on how to deal with red-headed caterpillars on azaleas, black spot fungus on roses and moss in the yard. Treating the azaleas is easy enough, but erradicating black spot is more of a problem. When it comes to moss he suggests that there are some places where moss is the best ground cover. Read more..

Immigration is a topic that is often controversial, but in the plant world the reverse is true. People have been importing plants for centuries and, apart from a few horrors such as Japanese knotweed, the new arrivals have been welcomed with open arms. In her piece Maureen FitzPatrick concentrates on two that come from China: the lotus and the osmanthus. Apart from its exquisite flowers the lotus is most valuable, however, as a food crop. Read more..


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