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June 7, 2007 20:35 - Brown Thumbs, Cacti And Garden Gnomes


Hassle-free gardening - is there such thing? According to Master Gardener Steve Diamond you just have to follow three simple steps: Create a plan, prepare the soil and pick your plants. With a paragraph on each and an interesting choice of plants you'll have no excuse to delay any longer. Read more..

Dean Fosdick aims his piece at beginners or people with "brown thumbs" as he describes them. He recommends succulents, including cacti as ideal starter plants which grow happily indoors as well as outside. Requiring little water and being insect resistant these plants are the ideal choice for people who do not yet have the knowledge and experience to care for more demanding specimens. Read more..

It's been some time since I mentioned gnomes in this blog and, to be honest, I have not seen many stories of their exploits in the news. This article by Cori Urban does mention gnomes only in passing, but A Peaceful Retreat is well worth reading.

You have to travel to Wilmslow in England to find a real gnome story. Estelle Lewis has been driven to distraction by the theft of ornaments from her front garden. The final straw was the theft of a gnome on a red tractor. She is now planning to cover the area with concrete. Read more..

If you want to see a selection of these fine fellows, take a look at my revamped Gnome Gallery.

Eden's Perfume Peony
icon Considered one of the most fragrant of peonies, with an intense, damask-rose scent. ThelLarge, double flowers are 6-7" across, and have layer upon layer of perfumed pink petals. A compact grower with strong stems that are great for cutting. Especially lovely with pink or white roses. Botanical name: Paeonia lactiflora "Eden’s Perfume"


June 24, 2007 20:37 - Two Square Feet And Broken Rules


Square foot gardening is the title of a popular book, but according to Sarah Carter two square feet is all you need to house a successful windowsill garden. Everything from African violets to dwarf evergreens and lemon trees have been grown in these small spaces. Perhaps the most popular plants are herbs on the kitchen windowsill so that they are within easy reach of the cook. Read more..

Conventional wisdom says follow the rules and you won't go far wrong. Rule 1: Phlox paniculata doesn't grow in Southern California. Wrong! Just look at Shae Gazzaniga's garden in North Tustin which is full of five feet tall specimens in pink and white. Cindy McNatt lists several more examples of plants that thrive where they are not supposed to. Read more..

Most gardening articles are basically "how to" guides of one sort or another, so for a change here is a "how not to" piece. At least Mike Weagle comes clean at the outset by admitting that the two thigs he dislikes about gardening are manual labour and getting dirty. While his "three-year rule" will make keen gardeners shudder, the remainder of his article provides some light relief. Read more..


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