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April 22, 2007 17:20 - Tomatoes, Taxes and Teasing


To tease or not to tease? You've bought some plants from the garden center and you find that they are pot bound with the roots completely filling the pot. Conventional wisdom says that you should tease out the roots to give the plant the best chance of a good start. But is this correct? Not necessarily according to Roger Hart. Read more...

Do you want to eat your own homegrown tomatoes at christmas? If so you may be interested in Connie Lorraine's aeroponic system. This 77 year old lady has devised an eco-friendly shelving system of pots, clay pellets, tubes and air pumps that constantly mist the plant roots with nutrient-laden water. The system is ideal for seniors who are looking for a less energetic form of gardening. Read more..

When a gardening article opens with talk of death and taxes, you may wonder whatever will follow. It's all about certainties (and uncertainties) like the changeable weather in central Illinois. Suggestions for perennial varieties for the fall garden follow until you reach the final certainty. Read more..

Talking of perennials, Dutch Gardens have a new offer to encourage you to fill your garden with the "trendiest plants of 2007". $25 in perennials free when you spend $25 or more. Click the banner for details. The promotion has been extended to May 15 so don't be put off when you see an April 15 deadline!

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