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January 5, 2007 14:53 - Looking Back To The Old Year And Forward To The New


A new year means Resolutions for many of us, but according to one newsletter I read, most are broken within six seconds. I am not sure how accurate that statistic really is but I am sure that it bears more than a grain of truth. For most of us a new year is a time when the weather precludes active gardening, so we have the chance to reflect on the year that has passed and plan for the coming season.

Linda Blue is looking back when she asks "Did you make any mistakes in your garden or landscape endeavors last year? Or have old ones come back to haunt your garden? Even skilled gardeners experience the occasional lapse in judgment". Many of the problems she lists may seem obvious but it is useful to be reminded of them so that we can make a mental note not to repeat the same mistakes this year. Read more..

Winter is also a good time to further your gardening education. Marty Wingate has written a helpful article which considers what is available ranging from formal education leading to a degree to casual classes, lectures and workshops. Although this is aimed at readers in the Northwest the information will be useful to others. Read more..

As always, a new year brings new plant varieties. Norman Winter, a horticulturist with Mississippi State University's Extension Service, has details of "Three winning roses coming in spring". Rainbow Knock Out, Moondance and Strike It Rich are their names but you will need to read his piece for the details. Read more..


January 16, 2007 12:37 - Gardening Indoors And Pushing The Zones


January is my least favorite month. All those dull and dark days when it's wet and cold outside means that the usual garden activities are suspended until spring approaches and the weather improves. But it doesn't have to be this way as the following stories demonstrate.

Here's Charlie Nardozzi: "It may be cold and bleak outside, but that doesn't mean you can't have a garden blooming inside -- even without a greenhouse. One of the most satisfying winter gardening activities is growing an indoor herb garden. You can grow compact varieties of culinary herbs that produce enough leaves to spice up a winter dish".

According to Julie Kirkwood "Gardening indoors this winter doesn't have to be expensive and complicated. Frank Coppolino's greenhouses at Tindara's Orchid Supplies in Georgetown use industrial-strength artificial lights to keep the flowers blooming and plants growing.

But when it comes to Coppolino's personal gardens, he uses a plain fluorescent bulb that screws into an ordinary light socket. And sometimes he doesn't even use that." Read more..

Angela Nagel is looking forward with her piece on "Daredevil gardening". "Arden catalogs are arriving in mailboxes, and winter-weary northerners are dreaming about what to plant this spring.

The National Arbor Day Foundation says they can think about planting some varieties of trees they wouldn't dare to plant a few years ago. The foundation has modified the USDA's Plant Hardiness Zone map to reflect milder climate patterns seen across the country." Read more..

And finally a remimder that the January issue of Garden Ramblings is now online. There are articles on how to be a greener gardener and how to care for all those poinsettias you were given for Christmas. You will also find a couple of videos to remind you of those bright summer days when the garden is in full bloom.

garden gardening


January 26, 2007 17:34 - Zinnias, Thorny Problems And A Master Gardener


If you're a zinnia fan you'll want to read this piece. According to Norman Winter "Profusion zinnias will continue to be hot in 2007". Last season's Profusion Apricot has now been surpassed by Profusion Deep Apricot. Discover the delights of Coral Pink and Double Cherry, and learn all about the new Knee High varieties. Read more..

Anyone who has been reading this blog for sometime will have not failed to notice that many of the articles quoted are written by Master Gardeners. If you have ever wondered what is involved in becoming a master gardener, then this article will fill you in. And there's also some handy information about tree pruning as well. Read more..

"Don't let the winter blues get you down, think Spring! Now is the time gardeners start planning their gardens and dreaming of summer blooms. Avid gardeners begin to purchase flower bulbs as early as February" according to Dutch Gardens. Their top selling Spring categories are Perennials, Dahlias, Gladiolus and Lilies. And to encourage you to place your order now, they will take $25 off the bill when you spend $50 or more. Click the banner to see what's on offer.

Dutch Gardens, Inc.

"Thorny Problems" is the title of this column by Helen Yamm who writes for the Daily Telegraph in the UK. While her advice may not be entirely relevant for the USA, I'm sure that you will find some useful tips in what she has to say. There's a call for help from Mr Boot, tips on growing broad beans and a section on the Not OK Coral. Read more..

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