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August 4, 2006 12:46 - August Tasks And Reflections


Today there are two items of practical advice and two more for pure enjoyment. First comes Peggy Dessaint from Palmetto for whom August is "the month where you gird yourself for lots of everything - rain, wind, bugs, weeds and grass that grows way too fast. Summer weather conditions have a lot to be desired, but the flowers are gorgeous during these months". Enjoy her descriptions of yellow poinciana trees, crape myrtles and the golden shower tree but then buckle down to her list of August landscape chores. Read more..

For Norman Winter from Raymond, MS "Foliage can be as effective as flowers, or more effective in some cases, in providing colorful beauty the entire season. Flowers cycle though the season, but when beautiful foliage is in the mix, the garden will always look exceptional". Lots of practical advice here. Read more..

Tad Bartimus has this lament: "Alas, in this peak of the growing season, when hard work is supposed to pay off at the table, I am buying most of my produce because, once again, fruit flies drilled my tomatoes, the sweet corn had worms, the lettuce was lunch for slugs and grasshoppers decimated the cucumbers". But read on to discover the real essence of gardening joy. Read more..

Robb Rosser contemplates the creation of a perfect garden but "A constant, dream-like state is difficult to sustain on the fifth day of temperatures over one hundred degrees. The potted hydrangea wilts under the relentless glare of a noon-day sun. Weeds show no respect for the gardener who needs to take a week off from gardening for personal reasons". But that's when he's talking about the ups and downs of life in every garden. While recognizing that you always have to be open to new ideas, he reminds us that every garden is different and reflects the owner's personality. Learn his suggestions on how you can fully experience the pleasure of gardening. (Sorry this article is no longer available)


August 21, 2006 10:08 - Water Troughs, Shady Balconies and Spring Bulbs


Container gardening is a subject which always seems to be in the news. Hardly surprising since there are so many different containers that can be used for planting. "A century ago, rectangular stone troughs dotted the landscape in rural England, where they served as water basins for horses" is how Annie Addington opens her article on one object that is no longer needed for its original purpose and has been moved into the garden for use as a planter. Needless to say old English horsetroughs are not the sort of thing that you find in your local garden center, but it is still possible to have something that appears to be a moss covered antique.
Read more..

"What will grow well on a shady balcony?" is just one of the reader's questions tackled by Scott Aker, a horticulturist at the U.S. National Arboretum. A combination of dwarf conifers and rex begonias is his suggestion. Toxic mulch, walnut trees and snake plants are the other topics he covers. Read more..

It may still be summer but now is the time to start thinking about the bulbs you need to ensure a colorful display in the Spring. To encourage you to go ahead and make your choice Dutch Gardens  are running a special promotion where you get $25 in plants free when you spend $50. The offer only lasts until Sept 5 so don't hang about.

Dutch Gardens, Inc.


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