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November 1, 2005 09:40 - Wildlife Homescaping and Half-price Bulbs


What is the one thing you can do yourself to make a real impact on the world? And you can do it in your own backyard. The answer, according to Steven Rosen, is organic gardening. The basic elements of organic gardening are the use of homemade compost and the avoidance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. "Of 80 million American households practicing gardening and landscaping, 4.5 million now are committed to doing it organically, according to a 2004 survey by the National Gardening Association and Harris Interactive polling agency. An additional 2 million gardeners use some organic-gardening methods and plan to do more, and 6.5 million use some - such as composting - but haven't made a further commitment yet." more..

If you want a change from organic landscaping, how about wildlife homescaping? The first ever Gardening for Wildlife Homescape Tour has been arranged for November 19. Organizer Laurel Schiller from the Florida Native Plant Nursery said the tour will highlight successful homescapes specially designed to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife. more..

Last week I mentioned that several merchants had special offers for bulbs. I have had a reminder today that Brecks Bulbs 50% off sale ends this week so, if you have not already bought your bulbs, now is the time to do so.


November 16, 2005 10:52 - Bailiffs with Shovels and an Evergreen Plant


"It doesn’t need to be mowed and it eliminates the use of pesticides, fertilizers and liming. It also doesn’t need much water or weeding, is evergreen, and deer don’t eat it. It can grow in an enormous range of conditions, from sunny to shady and from hot to cold." Have you guessed what this wonder plant might be? Well it turns out that what Southwestern Connecticut-based landscape designer Christine Cook is talking about is moss. There are good ecological reasons for growing some in your backyard as she explains. Read more..

Here's a sorry tale. Everyone knows that you face the prospect of being asked to do the washing up if you are unable to pay your restaurant bill, but have you ever heard of having your turf removed if you are unable to pay your gardener? This is just what happened to the Namibia Rugby Union. After losing their furniture the NRU had to agree to sell some of their turf to help pay the debt. Read more..

The November issue of my Garden Ramblings newsletter went out yesterday to email subscribers. If you have not already seen it, you can read it online here. The Special Offers section was shorter than usual as I had been unable to find much worth reporting. As is always the way, as soon as I had sent out the newsletter, I received an email from Breck's announcing bulb "Grab Bags" at 50% off. There's still time to plant your spring bulbs before the ground freezes, so why not take a look and pick up a bargain.


November 28, 2005 09:55 - Gardening Without Soil and the Prayer Plant


"Snow and cold weather don't have to keep you from tending to your garden" says Heather Ly. Stay in the warm and cultivate your plants indoors is her suggestion. And you don't need any soil either if you follow her advice and try the hydroponic method which uses water as the growing medium. "It's very simple. It's like baking cookies. You just follow the instructions and add nutrients at a certain time each day." "Plants will grow typically in two-thirds the time they will in soil because in soil the plant is not only pushing up to the plant, but it's pushing the roots down looking for the nutrients. Hydroponics you're just giving the roots everything they need." more..

"Wow! What on earth is that?" was Anne Ramsey's reaction on seeing this flower which is borne on a long stalk, is peach-coloured with orange flecks and is surrounded by large shiny green leaves with purple undersides. Without a picture you may be hard put to guess what she is talking about. Its common name is the Praying Plant. more..

The perennial question at this time of year is how to stop your Christmas tree dropping its needles. Dr. Ricky Bates in the department of horticulture at Penn State University suggests some guidelines that will help you maintain the freshness of your real Christmas tree. more..

And for some further hints try Christmas Tree Care Tips.


November 30, 2005 13:43 - A Three Seasons Pot and Flowers for the Cool


Mary Robson wanders around her local nurseries and reports on plants that will bloom in your cold-season garden. From a winter-flowering camellia to a fragrant viburnum and also including a sarcococca and a strawberry tree, she gives you ideas for future plantings. more..

A brief note by Janet Klie outlines a planting scheme for your containers that will provide interest all the way from Fall through to Spring. Basically it involves a tall evergreen, cool-season annuals and spring bulbs for a long-lasting display. To learn what plants she recommends, read more..

If you are looking for ideas for novel Christmas presents Gardeners Supply Company have "54 Gifts of Good Cheer for Under $20". Everything from Rainbow Garden Tubs, Colonial Bird Bottles, Wine Bottle Toppers to Magic Pinecones. And there are fifty more to choose from.

MML Brand

Brecks are trumpeting their "Exciting collection of Premium Floral Gifts". Make your selection from Bold Dramatic Amaryllis, Red Roses for a Christmas Lady or a Floral Symphony Bulb Basket. For extra savings just click the banner.

$25 off $50


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