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Growing In Shade, Weeds And Guerilla Gardening

August 2nd, 2011 · No Comments · Garden Gadgets, Garden Plants, Gardening News

Conventional wisdom tells us that shade is the last thing that vegetables need, but Mark Hoffman from Kempton, Illinois disagrees. He will tell you from personal experience that some shade can have unexpected benefits. For instance potatoes which are grown partly in shade are more resistant to leaf hoppers. While crops grown in shade will have lower yields, you can still expect a reasonable harvest. So if your neighbour has a large tree which shades your backyard, you don’t necessarily have to give up all hope of growing your own veggies. Read more..

“It’s difficult to stay motivated in the garden through the heat of summer. It’s tempting to slack off but the weeds are not taking a break” so writes Rob Proctor for 9News. Get out there and attack your weeds before they bloom and set seed which will give you even more of a headache is his advice. Read more..

On a similar theme Joe Lamp’l writing in the Seattle Times tells of his “aha” moment when he discovered that chasing round with sprays and pesticides to rescue plants that were in the wrong situation was a fruitless task.

On the other hand “Proactive gardening is simply doing the important things to ensure the health of your garden before you see a problem. It’s providing the best growing environment, like sunlight, great soil and putting the right plant in the right place. It’s spacing your plants appropriately for air circulation and sunlight, it’s watering properly and using plenty of mulch. Then it’s taking the time to stay in touch with your garden. The whole key to proactive gardening is to know your garden so you can catch changes early to prevent possible problems later that require more drastic action”. Read more..

Guerrilla Gardening used to be thought of as a somewhat disreputable occupation where people crept around at night surreptitiously planting seeds or small plants in unkempt and unused scraps of city landscape. But now the practice is almost mainstream. “Guerrilla gardening hits Houston: Rambos on a green mission seed bomb the city” describes how Sherry Eichberger, owner of One Green Street, went on a girl’s night out with seed bombs and catapults. More interested in how far they could shoot their missiles than where they would eventually land, this was clearly more of a PR stunt than an undercover activity. Read more..

And finally some(mostly useless) garden gadgets for summer:

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