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Earthworms, Ghosts And The Garden Rug

October 28th, 2011 · No Comments · Garden Supplies, Gardening News

However enthusiastic a gardener you are, you will surely welcome ideas to make routine tasks easier. For instance who wants to engage in double digging when the same effect can be achieved without all that physical effort. Horticulturist Felder Rushing is firmly of this opinion and has, as he puts it “worked my tail off over the years to find ways to take a lot of the chores out of gardening”. His answer to digging is fallen leaves and earthworms. Read more..

White Rabbit“Families use pets as lawn-mowers”. I found this snippet in one of those “100 Years Ago” columns. Using animals to keep the grass in trim is not exactly a new idea – sheep have been turned out in churchyards for hundreds of years. In this case it seems that the pet was a large white rabbit. My experience of pet rabbits is that if you let them loose on the grass they will do their best to escape. However in this case the rabbit was kept in a cage which was moved around the yard as each patch of grass was trimmed. Seems a rather labor intensive way of completing a simple task. Read more..

Margaret Lauterbach writing in the Idaho Statesman has an interesting piece on garden “ghosts”. “Do you have ghosts in your garden? Many of us have friendly “ghosts”, or reminders of friends who gave us seeds for this plant, or a start of that one.” I have plenty of friendly “ghosts” in my garden many of which came from my late mother. My wife, who did not always have the best of relationships with her mother-in-law, is constantly saying “Oh that reminds me of your mother again” as she walks round the garden. As if that were not enough there is that calicarpa which was a gift from a work collegue she would prefer to forget. However the article concerns a plant that has come to be known as “Miss Wilmott’s ghost”. Read more..

Sprinkle the seed and water are common instructions, but not usually on your hearthrug. The Garden Rug allows you to walk on greenery in your living room. Read more..


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