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Mild Weather, Compost And Grow Your Own Gnome

January 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Garden Gadgets, Garden Plants, Gardening News

Pink camellia flowers“Mild Weather Tricks Plants To Thinking Spring Has Arrived” is a headline I saw recently and is certainly true for my garden. In December there were only a few frosty nights and January so far is mild and wet. The camellias have clearly decided that spring is here. The first flower appeared a few days ago and now there are several. I just hope that the remaining buds will not be caught out by a sudden blast of wintry weather.

cornus or dogwoodApart from evergreens the only other color in my garden at this time of the year is provided by the red and yellow branches of the cornus bushes.

Making compost is an essential part of my gardening routine. Over the years I have read many books describing different methods of making compost, some more complicated than others. I have studied the many different types of compost containers, but never purchased more than some timber to construct a simple 3×3 box which has served me well enough. In fact my system has always involved two boxes. When the first is full the contents are emptied out and the partially decomposed material from the bottom is transferred to the second box to complete the process.

“Surprising Compostable Home and Garden Green and Brown Things” by Susan Morris suggests that your compost heap does not have to consist only of grass clippings and plant waste, but various other sorts of household waste. Read more..

“2012 gardening trends: Hits, misses and hopes” is the title of an article by Kym Pokorny. If you want to know the trend that’s too pervasive to call a trend anymore, the trend riding on its coattails, the trend she most obviously – and embarrassingly – neglected to mention, the trends she hopes really will be trends and the trend that isn’t, except in her mind, read more..

When I saw “Grow Your Own Gnome Garden Kit” I thought it meant “Grow Your Own Gnome”, but no it is just a kit containing three packets of seeds and fibre pots so you can grow a “garden” for your gnome. I thought most people who like gnomes bought them to place in their gardens, so cannot see why they would want to plant a separate garden for their gnome. But then I noticed that the product is available from Perpetual Kid. Read more..

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