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Fashion, Gadgets And Green Savings

June 11th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Garden Gadgets

Every gardener needs tools and we all have our favorites, but we don’t all make an exclusive selection from around the world and list them for sale on our website. But this is what Dianne Benson from East Hampton has done. Her “Ten Garden Greats” include clippers from Japan, gardening shoes from France and hand made stainless steel shovels from Idaho. Number ten on her list is a garden tie called “Better-Than-Twine” which comes from the UK. Read more..

On a rather more high tech level are these “10 brilliant gadgets for your garden”. There’s anĀ  Alligator cordless powered lopper with Ni-Cad battery powered jaws that turn branches into wood chippings, with up to 150 3.5cm cuts per hour. The Toro 3-in-1 Recycler Mower gives you the choice of either spinning the cuttings in to a regular grass bag, or chewing them up and spitting them out as a mulch. And for relaxing there’s a gas barbecue and outdoor sound system. And perhaps the ultimate gadget, a completely autonomous robot mower with its own built in solar panel, enabling it to recharge itself when not in use. Read more..

Back to reality and Carol Oneal writing in the Mail Tribune has some suggestions on ways to save money in the garden. Recycle and save some “green” is her motto and she starts with a plastic gallon milk jug which can be used in four different ways. Using old pantyhose to makeĀ  ties is one that we’ve all heard before, but I’m not sure if cutting up a discarded venetian blind for plant labels is really worth the effort. Read more..

Mowing the lawn is not everyone’s favorite task, so how would you like to give up your grass and be paid for it into the bargain? If you live in LA this is now on offer. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has begun a cash-for-grass program. Single-family homes served by the DWP will be eligible to receive $1 for every square foot of turf that they replace with less thirsty alternatives. Las Vegas has had a similar scheme for years and, as a result, has saved almost a tenth of its annual water supply. Read more..

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